Auto Insurance

The laws in OH, PA, MD, KS, NC and VA require all drivers to have the means to pay for property damage or injuries from an auto accident. Auto insurance provides financial means through which a holder can pay for his vehicle’s damage after an accident.

Auto Insurance Benifits

Bodily injury liability

This coverage pays for the medical bills of the injured party after an accident. If you are deemed legally liable for an accident, this covers the legal expenses incurred to defend you. It also covers lost wages and funeral expenses.

Personal injury protection

This coverage pays for your medical bills due to an accident. The cover includes the cost of treating the passenger’s injuries too. Personal injury protection at its broadest covers lost wages and the cost of replacing services you would normally carry out. It may include burial expenses.

Property damage liability

If in an accident, the court deems you responsible then you are held financially responsible for the repairs to the other person’s vehicle or property. The coverage also pays for anything you hit such as a lamppost, mailbox or fence.

Collision coverage

In an accident where you collide with another vehicle, this coverage pays for the damage to your vehicle. It also covers damage from potholes.